How An Affiliate Network’s Mistake Is Making GoDaddy Lose Business 2017
How An Affiliate Network’s Mistake Is Making GoDaddy Lose Business 2017
Got a reaction from Commission Junction group and this time it was certain. Here is the last reaction: 
Hi Harsh, 
After some exchange we have chosen that redirection of the sort you are utilizing is satisfactory and agreeable so you can proceed with that. There are different circumstances in which redirection isn’t permitted and you ought to comprehend that for us the term shrouding intends to stow away. We understand that a few people have a marginally unique thought regarding what shrouding implies, however the first significance is to stow away. 
shroud … to conceal, cover, or mask (something). 
It’s so great to see making the best choice instead of going down a mixed up choice. Approach to go CJ! 
Do read the entire story as this is an intriguing perused. You would take in a considerable measure of things as an offshoot, mark, subsidiary supervisors and a blogger. 
Offshoot Network’s Mistake 
Having an offshoot program for your item helps in more deals; this is a verifiable truth among every single dynamic organization. Be that as it may, the test is to choose whether to make a self-facilitated associate program or utilize a member organize like Commission Junction, ShareASale, Rakuten, or some other. 
As a developing organization, once you choose to work with a member arrange, it contributes a great deal to your prosperity. 
On the off chance that you are the associate chief of a program, you comprehend the significance of setting up approaches and making a rundown of things not to do (like offers that are not permitted while doing PPC). 
Basically, you set decides that safeguard the trustworthiness of your image and in the meantime don’t prevent honest to goodness advertisers from advancing you. 
A member system should empower brands to associate with the correct partners and enable them two to produce more income which empowers offshoots to offer more. 
In any case, if a member organize begins forcing confinements without the information of the brand, this influences the general offers of the brand over the long haul and gives a contender with an all the more well disposed subsidiary a chance to program win. 
When you consider this situation, you ought to consider just the deals that brands are getting in view of their “member systems and associates”. 
This  is an affair of me as a GoDaddy offshoot for as long as 8 years. In the meantime, I’m additionally a partner of the nearest GoDaddy contender, Namecheap, utilizing another offshoot arrange, ShareASale. 
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ShoutMeLoud gets 1.5 million+ site visits/month and sends a lot of movement to web facilitating and area destinations. 
Being one of the best 5K universally positioned Alexa destinations for as long as 8 years, we comprehend what a quality item is and establishing a brand. 
As an end client, we as a whole realize that Namecheap and GoDaddy go neck and neck with regards to the area name business. Where GoDaddy is amazing with their valuing, Namecheap is prevalent for their straightforwardness. 
As an associate, for me to prescribe both of them is essentially the same. 
Be that as it may, this post isn’t about Namecheap versus GoDaddy; rather, it’s a rage from an associate on how GoDaddy is losing members even subsequent to utilizing the world-class subsidiary system, Commission Junction. 
This post is additionally a message to GoDaddy about how to settle this issue. 
Commission Junction Is Not The Best Affiliate Network For The GoDaddy Affiliate Program 
ShoutMeLoud is tied in with “turning into your own supervisor”. 
The first occasion when I said the expression “GoDaddy offshoots”, they had their own in-house partner program. 
I needed to change my offshoot joins when they changed from their in-house to the prominent associate system “ShareASale” and “TradeDoubler”. 
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Since I utilize offshoot connect shrouding, it was simple for me to refresh the connection with a single tick as opposed to refreshing 200+ blog entries and altering the greater part of my eBooks. 
Before long, GoDaddy close down their associate program with ShareASale/Trade Doubler and moved to Commission Junction. 
Presently, all the partner advertisers who are a piece of this industry think about the Commission Junction (CJ) offshoot organize. They are exceptionally notable and well known. 
Additionally, most member advertisers think about how imperative subsidiary connection shrouding is. 
If not, this video clarifies connect shrouding in detail: 
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I’m going to share something essential for member supervisors and brands who are intending to utilize a partner system to run their offshoot program. 
What I will share has nothing to do with insights. Rather, I will educate you regarding how the system itself crosses over any barrier amongst partners and brands. 
My Experience With The Commission Junction Network Compliance Team 
Before I share how the subject of began, let me share my GoDaddy offshoot details from Commission Junction: 
In one year, ShoutMeLoud helped GoDaddy procure over $10K, and in the meantime, we earned near $2k. 
Not awful, isn’t that so? 
More than this, we connect the data hole between GoDaddy and the end client with our instructional exercises and improvised notices where we esteem vital. 
This all sounds like a win-win-win for the brand, the associate, and the end client. (ShoutMeLoud was advancing a GoDaddy offer which let clients get another space for $1.16.) 
Sounds great, isn’t that so? 
All things considered, it should sound useful for GoDaddy or some other business-disapproved of organization until the point that they lose income and an offshoot like me. 
Give me a chance to clarify… 
A couple of days back (eighth March 2017), I got this email from the Commission Junction consistence group: 
Hi Harsh, 
CJ is at present exploring your record and has the accompanying request in regards to your special techniques: 
You have to end the sidetracks and stay with customary URLs without redirection. 
If it’s not too much trouble answer to this request inside 5 days of the mailing date. 
Inability to react might be esteemed a confirmation of obligation and acknowledgment of this letter as 15 days notice of end and may bring about CJ practicing its entitlement to end the CJ Publisher Service Agreement 15 days from the date of this composed notice or sooner. 
It would be ideal if you take note of that present or pending payout(s) might be put on hold pending warning from you and CJ’s affirmation of your full consistence. 
System Compliance CJ Affiliate, 
A Conversant Company. 
As somebody who makes his living internet, losing access to a partner arrange is frightening. 
Toward the day’s end, I would not like to lose a maturity partner arrange like Commission Junction, and I composed back to them telling them about my special systems. 
One thing was without a doubt: 
In the previous 9 years, neither ShoutMeLoud nor any blog in the ShoutDreams organize has ever misled its perusers keeping in mind the end goal to offer an item. 
So this was my answer: 
Hello Team 
A debt of gratitude is in order for composing and let me share subtle elements of the advancements. is a honor winning site and it’s online from recent years. We get more than 1.5 million online visits (natural) and have a crowd of people base of more than 1 million. 
All the advancement is finished with the assistance of substance promoting as it were. We are advancing Godaddy subsidiary connections on utilizing blog entries (Link)(Link) 
On our eBooks advertising digital book book 
My everything advancement procedures are lawful. Alongside ShoutMeLoud, Godaddy is additionally recorded on our different online journals: 
I’m additionally a promoter of Commission intersection and have expounded on it commonly on my blog also and have given an incredible number of partners to CJ in past 3-4 years. best-put for-offshoot marketer.html commission-intersection subsidiary installment payoneer.html 
I’m likewise a speaker at Affiliate summit India and Affiliate Summit west, 2017. 
Generously let me recognize what’s the issue and I would endeavor to determine it. Since utilizing direct subsidiary connection would expect me to alter very nearly 50+ blog entries and alter ebooks. 
I’m here to enable you with anything or any points of interest you to require. 
Benevolently let me know how to continue 
I was trusting they would see, however following two days of holding up, this was their reaction: 
Hi Harsh, 
It is recently the divert URLs that you have to end and supplant with the following code that we supply through your distributer account. The format and such of this page, for instance, is fine … discount.html 
… however the connection URL to GoDaddy is the thing that should be changed with the goal that the redirection is expelled. 
System Compliance 
CJ Affiliate, a Conversant Company 
Since it doesn’t bode well to contend with a system about their strategies, I expelled the connection and messaged them to comprehend if this was a system wide change or particular change from the brand. 
Since I have expounded on Commission Junction previously, it’s vital for a youthful subsidiary advertiser to think about and conform to the guidelines of a system. 
Here was my answer: 
Hello Team 
I have refreshed the connection and now this connection straightforwardly pointing and not utilizing offshoot interface by CJ. 
Be that as it may, I have few inquiries on the off chance that you could help me with this: 
1) Have you changed any approach as of late in regards to interface shrouding? Or, then again is this one only for this case? 
2) If this one is asked by GoDaddy group or ( 
Benevolently let me know as it would be useful. 
Here is the thing that Commission Junction’s reaction was: 
Hi Harsh, 
It is as yet diverting to GoDaddy. This is a general control, not particular to simply y