10 Easy Ways to Pack Flavored Oil Cartridges

10 Easy Ways to Pack Flavored Oil Cartridges

Are you looking for the easiest way to pack your flavored oil cartridges? You don’t want to spend hours trying out different methods and then end up with a bunch of leaky cartridges.
With this blog post, I will provide ten easy ways that can help you be more efficient when it comes to cartridge boxes your flavored oil cartridges. These are just some ideas that have worked for me in the past, so feel free to experiment with what works best for you! Happy vaping!

1) Gravity

One of the easiest ways to pack your cartridges is by using gravity.  Just turn the cartridge so that the oil is at the top, and fill it with vape juice. Then you can put a new atomizer on it.
This method of packing is good because you do not need to wait long for the bubbles to stop coming up before inserting them back into the battery. This is because some air will escape when you release pressure. However, this method can save time and leave less mess than most other methods of filling cartridges.

2) Syringe

If you do not care about the mess, then it is best to use a syringe. They are quick and efficient. You can buy disposable syringes at your local pharmacy or clinic. If you want something that lasts long, there are also options available online.
Some people choose to use syringes when refilling cartridges. They are less likely to leak after being put back on the battery. There is no bubble waiting period, so you can do this quickly. Pull out the plunger of a full cartridge and inject it with oil with the needle attached.

3) Dipping

This method works best with smaller 510-threaded batteries, or 650 mAh or higher variable voltage batteries with replaceable atomizers. It requires pulling the atomizer off of the battery, removing any mouthpiece covers, insulating o-rings or threads if necessary.
Put a few drops of liquid on the coils while it is still attached to the battery. Wait ten minutes while you let the liquid absorb into wicks or coils. Put your cartridge back on and screw it down to attach it.

4) Pouring

This method works best with larger tanks that are built more sturdily than small 510-threaded tanks but can potentially lead to leakage if not done carefully. Ensure that both your tank and cartridge have been removed from your battery prior to beginning. Take a small funnel and place it into the cartridge’s mouth. Fill the cartridge with liquid until its wicks have been saturated, but not so much that excess fluid begins to leak from the top of the cartridge.
Some users find it helpful to plug one end of the cartridge with their index finger as they fill it with liquid to help avoid spillage later on. Once filled, carefully slide your cartridge back onto your tank and attach it via its threaded connections.

5) Freezing

This method works well if you’re trying to preserve a flavored e-juice for a certain length of time. Ensure that both your tank and cartridge have been removed from your battery prior to. Place your cartridge in a sealable plastic bag and put it away in your freezer.
Make sure to give the cartridge a few minutes of thawing time on its own before reattaching it to make sure that its wicks have been fully saturated.

6) Using Dust Covers

Dust covers are a way to smoke in public places. If you have an e-cig, sometimes people will look at you because of the vapor.
These caps fit over the top of any e-cig cartridge. These help to prevent leakage and evaporation. Some cartridges respond better than others, so you might have to experiment a few times before it works well.

7) Rinsing with Rubbing Alcohol

A tiny amount of rubbing alcohol can be used to make old, or dried-out e-cig cartridges new again. If you already have a cartridge that is stored away, soaking the wicks in a bowl with rubbing alcohol overnight will help it last longer.
It may also help remove stubborn grime from the threading, which could be inhibiting airflow, so this tip might come in handy if your cartridge seems to be struggling for vapor production.

8) Using Smaller Cartridges

If you’re finding that no matter what you do, you just can’t get more than a couple of good puffs out of your cartridges, you may simply be using too large of a cartridge. Larger cartridges that hold around 1 ml or more of liquid can be frustrating because it takes so long for them to fill up. If you’re noticing this problem, try replacing the cartridge with one that holds about 0.5 ml instead.

9) Using Pencil Grips on Cartridges

Many people find that vaping is easier if they wrap the threads of their cartridge in masking tape before screwing it into place on their battery. The tape helps prevent your fingers from slipping and adding oil when you’re trying to vape quickly.
If you don’t have any masking tape handy, another option is to shove a small pencil grip onto your cartridge’s threading before screwing it onto your battery.

10) Making Your Own Cartridges

There’s no reason to spend money on cartridges and coils when you can make your own! Simply find a bottle (such as an empty soda container), cut off the top, and poke holes in the bottom with a pushpin or ice pick for airflow.
Next, take a syringe or dropper and fill it with e-liquid that has been mixed with distilled water. Finally, screw your new cartridge onto your vape so you can start enjoying vaping today!
After making these cartridges, pack them in appealing printed cardboard boxes wholesale to increase their aesthetic appeal to entice the customers.


E-liquids nowadays come in such a large variety of flavors. There’s no excuse not to experiment until you found one that is absolutely perfect for you. Although it is frustrating when e-liquid cartridges do not hold enough of the fluid, you can avoid this by finding ways to make your own vape cartridges!
Put e-liquid in a bottle that has been diluted with water. Have holes in the bottom of the bottle for airflow. Screw the cartridge to your vape. Pretty soon, you’ll be vaping like a pro without having to break open your wallet.