Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar are playing cards

Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar are playing cards

Today’s news report is very interesting. Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar are frolic the “I am more Islamic and a better Muslim than you” card.

Actually, Anwar had already brought up the issue of “Muslims gambling and drinking in private clubs” back in the 1970s — which was before he joined Umno in 1982. Today, 45 years define long, he is raising this issue again.

Does he not have something new to talk about instead of talking about what he already talked about 45 years ago?

There are thousands of slot machines all over Malaysia, even all over Sabah and Sarawak. And there are more than just 62 private clubs, as Anwar stated. There are, in fact, thousands of so-called ‘private clubs’, which are actually fronts and fake private clubs.

Why did Anwar not cancel all those slot machine licences when he was the Finance Minister back in 1991? After all, he already condemned these slot machines back in the 1970s before he joined the government. Why, instead, approve thousands of new slot machine licences (and more lotteries such as “Special Draws”) when he was Finance Minister?

The number of slot machines all over Malaysia multiplied 30 times when Anwar was Finance Minister. And he knew that Muslims were not only gambling but drinking as well in these private clubs.

Anwar is a master-bullshit-artist. He approved all those slot machine licences and today he condemns them.

Are Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar asking the government to cancel all those licences and ban slot machines so that Malaysia becomes more Islamic? Then why not just say so because that seems to be what they are saying?

Anwar claims thousands of Muslims play slot machines in clubs
(Malaysiakini) – Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed that “tens of thousands” of Muslims are gambling on slot machines in at least 62 clubs licensed with such facilities.

During his speech on Budget 2022 today, Anwar claimed that the number of Muslims with such membership had increased during the past one and a half years. He did not provide evidence for his claims.

According to Anwar, access to licensed slot machines by Muslims in clubs was unlike the strict ban on Muslims imposed at the Genting Casino in Pahang.

“This is happening openly under the noses of the ‘Malay-Muslim’ government. There appears to be an attempt to hide this fact. We want to know how many slot machines are there and Muslim club members use such facilities.

“Now we have MySejahtera. Don’t deny it. There will be records on MySejahtera of Malays participating in such activities. There are many,” the Port Dickson MP said. In view of this, he urged the Finance Ministry and the police to investigate his claims.

Govt urged to live up to ‘Malay-Muslim branding’

Anwar’s speech was interrupted by Mohamad Sabu (Pakatan Harapan-Kota Raja) who jokingly chided the opposition leader for putting pressure on the federal government, which is an administration “without a manifesto”.

“Since they (the government) don’t have a manifesto, they will do whatever to find revenue,” said Mohamad. To this, Anwar acknowledged that the government did not have a set of election promises to keep, but insisted that they had to live up to their “Malay-Muslim” branding.

“There is a ‘manifesto of the people’ and more so for Muslims. This is a ‘Malay-Muslim’ government, yet they are encouraging gambling,” the PKR president said.

Following this, Mahfuz Omar (Harapan-Pokok Sena) chimed in as well, accusing PAS of being complicit in legalised gambling. “Perhaps the government is allowing some freedoms because they have the ‘halal stamp’ from the many Muslim scholars sitting on the government bench.

“(I’d like to inform the House) that tomorrow there will be a special draw (for number betting firms) and there is an outlet just 70m from the headquarters of PAS,” he said.